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Every celebrities nightmare… UNRETOUCHED PHOTOS!

Well, I don’t mind sharing with you guys the ‘before & after’ versions of a shoot I did recently. I think it just highlights the capabilities of retouching. The red squiggles are the notes for where the re toucher should pay particular attention. Ive had my thighs slimmed down, my hips made narrower, the skin tone on my face and stomach evened, and my arm pit and elbow softened.

It seems absurd how the tiniest lumps and bumps are erased in one simple click, and yet also, that they feel the need to change it in the first place!

Im happy I reach for second helpings when we have dinner, I love me some cheese!!! And you often have to wrestle a glass of red wine out of my hands. But I do it all in moderation!

In my last personal trainer analysis I was told I had 17% body fat, which for my age, puts my in the ‘healthy’ bracket. And yet, here we are, still having my body digitally altered.

What defines the perfect figure? Who dictates how a body looks most appealing? Personally, I think its those curves that make me unique, they are part of me and I’m proud to have them.

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  1. Cherie November 14, 2013 at 7:48 pm

    I like the untouched photo just as well! sexy, natural, hot

  2. S. Moore November 22, 2013 at 6:38 am

    I think both pictures are nice, but I prefer the first one. It doesn’t have an animated look to it. I wish I could get this through to my 18 year old daughter. It amazes me that young girls look at retouched pictures and feel they should try to look just like it. The concept of “perfect” needs to literally expand in the fashion world to include some realistic shapes for everyday people. I have a lot of respect for models that can see outside of the fashion box and represent health instead.

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