The Super Car Run – Five Days, Fast Cars & Me


I like to drive fast

There's something very sexy about a beautifully crafted car matched with adrenaline pumping speeds!

So you can imagine just how gleefully I accepted the opportunity to drive in The Super Car Run.

The event: 100 of the worlds most exotic super cars, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati and Jaguar (a horse power junkies wet dream) driving across Europe.

Just five days to get from Hyde Park London, across France, snaking through Italy and  Switzerland, finishing in Casino Square in Monte Carlo.

My weapon of choice to tackle this adventure, a rather delicious looking Lamborghini Gallardo. A meaty car that just keeps on giving. (Although it clearly wasn't built for such long and enduring drives, as my bottom took a beating as I sped over each and every bump in the road)

Now as you very well know, speeding is illegal (party poopers) hence why the event is called a "run" and not a "race"!
The only way you could win the glorious prizes on this bad boy was to collect points. Each morning we woke up to a sumptuous breakfast and were handed a map and a list of clues to decipher as we nibbled on our Eggs Benedict.
We'd soon discover which routes we'd be taking and where to stop to collect points for spotting certain landmarks. For example:

"Follow the german elf to bonds favorite drink to find out how many stars are on our lady immaculate"

After a quick perusal of the map and tapping into your basic pub quiz knowledge (and perhaps a little ease dropping from far more competent neighboring teams) you'd discover that there was a nearby road called the M11 ('elf' in german in number 11). There was a town called Martini en-route (James Bonds favorite drink) and there you would find the church of Our Lady Immaculate and you scored points by writing down how many stars decorated her statue.
Get the idea?

Five fun filled and highly action packed days followed but my one most amusing highlight  occurred as I was driving through the San Bernardino Pass. My co pilot was using our trusty foldout  map but for extra guidance we were also looking at the cars onboard satellite navigation.
Tearing through the mountains, I'm staring at the screen and I just couldn't figure out what this sort of dotted and dashed line was lurking across the screen.  Was it a train track? A new road? Well, in either case we were about to find out soon as I drove nearer and nearer!

The open and winding roads of the San Bernardino pass were completely empty, a drivers paradise. Without realizing I had hit 192 mph and completely by accident using the cars tiptronic hand gears shifted DOWN to third gear instead of UP to fifth! The Lambo's engine roared fiercely and loudly with my error and the sound echo'ed over the mountains, bouncing off each slope only magnifying the noise. A sharp turn left and that dotted line quickly revealed itself to be the Italian border! Oooops!

Several italian guards packing some quite heavy artillery aggressively lined the toll booth, there was absolutely no way they hadn't heard me coming or not noticed my rather speedy arrival!

Frantically changing down gears to slow to a halt I was locked in the toll booths lane. I paid the few euros necessary to pass the border in the automated machine, and waited for the barrier to open......
Nothing happened.
Some guards now began to march my way, AK47 in hand. The palms of my hands started to sweat and I nervously imagined my life behind bars for excessive speeding, forced to cut rigatoni shapes out of pasta in some remote italian prison for the rest of my days! Mumma Mia!

As the guard approached my blacked out window and gestured for it to be lowered. Out of options and panicking, I called upon the greatest tool known to woman kind. My femininity.

With a click of a button the window opened and with full "Loreal- because I'm worth it" hair flick over my shoulder I smiled seductively at the guard.....
A rapture of applause erupted from the guards. "Ahhh Bella" "Bellissimo" "You are ze beautiful girl, and you drive ze best car!"
Thank the powers that be that I was driving one hot piece of Italian crafted machinery!!!

The toll booth rose and I drove away, might I add, at a very responsible pace!


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