Recipe: Homemade Chocolate


Yes, yes, I love eating healthy! But I'm still a girl, and sometimes you just NEEEEEEEDDDDDDD chocolate.
I had weaned myself of the milk chocolate variety (which now just tastes like sugar to me), and i gave up white chocolate (after learning how to cook with it, i realized its basically all fat and sugar and none of the good for you stuff that actual chocolate gives you). So, I've been eating mainly 85% dark chocolate, just a few cubes at a time, just to get my fix. My naturopath actually recommended pushing the cube of chocolate up to the roof of my mouth as it melts, as thats where your taste receptors will send messages to your brain making sure you get maximum enjoyment!
Today i stumbled across this recipe, now i PROMISE you, when people make "alternatives" to the kinds of food we love, they normally taste like cardboard. THIS RECIPE IS HEAVEN! I kid you not! We're talking melt in your mouth, oh dear I've eaten the whole plate, delicious!!! AND…. so simple to make! YIPHEE!

4 tbs raw cacao powder
2.5 tbs extra virgin coconut oil
2 tsp raw honey
pinch of salt
1 tsp vanilla extract

Mix with a spoon. Line a tray with parchment paper and spread on the mixture. Freeze for 10 mins. DEVOUR!

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