On Body Image


Although I’m all in favor of promoting ALL kinds of healthy body types, I do think we should question our use of the term “real women”.

Why does celebrating one physical characteristic (like skinniness or curviness) always seems to negate the value of its opposite, even if that opposite is just as natural and just as good?

You know what real women are? Curvy, yes, but also slender. And athletic. And muscular. And short and tall and big-hipped and small-chested and hourglass and skinny as a toothpick. And all the combinations in between.

If you are flesh and blood and identify as a woman, you’re not only a real woman, but you’re also a beautiful woman.

Working as a model and also for my own satisfaction and health, its a daily investment to maintain a toned, slim figure. Why should having a low percentage of body fat deem me as not “real”? Am I an android or a figment of your imagination?

Perhaps as a society we should work harder to promote that a REAL healthy body image is available in multiple sizes!

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