Eat Dessert Burn Fat


Fate made Crosby Tailor and I cross paths, the cookies are keeping us together!

When I met Crosby it was pretty evident he was a model, what I was fascinated to discover was that he was also a renowned herbalist, chef and nutritional expert. (Good looking AND he can cook….. ladies, form an orderly line)

Crosby crafts each of his cookies from a place of love. He has unearthed the secret to baking delectable sugar-free desserts that burn fat, boost brain activity, and regulate your hormones and cortisol levels.
Now, I bet you are thinking, whats the catch? How is it possible to eat dessert and burn fat?
Crosby says "It’s all about helping your body achieve ketosis. When you cut your carb intake to 0-50 grams a day, and replace carbs with good healthy fats and oils, your body will start to use ketones from fat for energy instead of glucose from starches and sugar. The result? You’ll eventually burn your own stored body fat for fuel."

And heres the best part, they actually taste delicious! Crosby rustled me up his two favorite cookie flavors to sample. Reese's Cup and Lemon Poppy Seed. They are both sugar, gluten and grain free, with colostrum icing (or they can be made completely vegan). Oh, and Crosby said he added a little brain octane oil to speed up the metabolism. Hallelujah!
The cookies are just the right amount of sweetness, and gooey texture. So you get your dessert fix but without the sugar! I have to say, they are so jam packed full of goodness that I was left feeling quite euphoric.

Crosby is on to a winner here, and you can currently stock up on his little bites of heaven through his website eatdessertburnfat.com

I mean, you can satisfy your sweet tooth and burn fat doing it! Whats not to love? Move over girls scouts, Crosby supplies the cookies now!

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